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Our product Panic Away has been a tremendous success in getting people anxiety free, but to be honest we are short on top affiliate members, this is because we have been 100% lazy about this issue to date. Well, we see the error of our ways and want to correct that fast. If you are interested in joining an affiliate program that has the potential to become your main source of affiliate income, then Panic Away is right
for you.

We are ranked on page 1 of clickbanks marketplace under Health >Mental Health. Each week we sell very well and receive numerous testimonials explaining how the technique developed by Barry McDonagh, has changed countless peoples lives. This program works for people like none other and we have the data and low refund rate to prove it.

We want you on board this runaway success as part of our team! Join our affiliate program and help get this life changing information to as many people as possible.
This is real opportunity to become a serious affiliate earner with our product.

What About the Global Recession?

Many products on ClickBank are feeling the squeeze as people tighten their belts and reduce spending on non-necessity items.

Because Panic Away is so successful in treating anxiety issues people understand the vital importance of tackling their anxiety now in order to move forward. By joining with us as an affiliate of Panic Away you will be working towards helping these people change their lives as well as ensuring you have a stable earner in your affiliate portfolio-regardless of how long or deep this global recession runs.

So what are the all important statistics we hear you say:

Our statistics are available to the public. Please visit ClickBank to confirm that this product sells very well and has a very low refund rate due to the quality of course material Click Here to review the stats.

Bottom line is that we have a great click-to-sale ratio as anyone with affiliate experience will tell you, the numbers quoted on ClickBank for our product are very good numbers to be working with but what is really exciting from your point of view is the opportunity to tap into an underdeveloped market.

Site conversion is what counts in this business .. period! Think about it .. What good is selling a product that doesn’t convert? So not only will you be promoting a course that gives you $43 per sale but the conversion rate is improved weekly through A/B split testing.

You see, we could sit here and hype our conversion rate all day long, but the only way to verify what we’re saying is to actually “test” our site for yourself (preferably using 1000 visitors minimum). Then you’ll know for sure. (note: please allow at least 2-3 weeks to measure the final conversion rate as we have an auto responder that users sign up to and through which you will also generate sales.)

In other words, it’s not wise to test just 100-200 clicks because sales do happen in “bunches” sometimes, and therefore if you want to see more accurate results then we recommend testing 500-1000 clicks minimum (and preferably 3000 clicks). We are now in our 6th year on clickbank and could only maintain our high position if we were generating good conversions.

Four More Reasons Why You Should Promote Us

“Some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard at it.”

~Author Unknown

1. We do all the hard work (that’s why we are number 1). Each sale has a one-to-one personalized coaching program as well as detailed customer support follow up months later -all for free. This requires major resources and is the kind of back-end competitors are simply not wiling to commit to as it requires many hours daily as well as financial resources. All you have to work on is getting the visitor to the site, we will take care of the rest.

2. Our refund percent is very low! Compare that with any other product.

3. We only use ClickBank, which means you are assured of getting your commissions!

4. We send follow up auto responder emails as part of a free newsletter that direct the customer back to our site. If you were the one who sent the visitor who signed up for the auto responder you can get credit for the sale.

5. We feel this is really the best bit. We sell a fantastic product at the lowest possible price and our customers love us. They write us ‘thank you’ emails everyday! You can feel good about the quality of the product you are promoting and the money you earn.

Start today and let’s build a strong profitable affiliate relationship. Who knows you might even come visit our office one day in wet and windy Ireland.

To begin , follow these steps:

Step 1 – Open a ClickBank account for free The only thing you need is a ClickBank ID (“nickname”)Once you have a ClickBank ID (“nickname”) then you’ll be up and running in about 30 seconds. (It only takes about 90 seconds to sign up with ClickBank.)

Step 2 –Sign up and create a hoplink. Learn how here Remember even if the person you send to our site returns within 60 days that sale will still go to you. (See Clickbanks FAQ.)

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