Feel Your College Fear and Do it Anyway!

Many people have preconceived notions of what college will be like. They have seen it in movies. It’s where you meet your best friends, have great sex and an amazing social life. When this doesn’t happen many people can feel down about it. Maybe they didn’t click with a group in their class or don’t have the right people to socialize with. They go home in the evening and wonder why they are not having a great ‘college experience’. Maybe you feel something similar? What many people don’t tell you is that the first year in college is actually quite

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What can we learn from anxiety?

In order to heal anxiety you need to move into full acceptance of the anxiety that you feel. But what if you can not bring yourself to accept the anxiety? What if deep down you actually really hate it and you beat yourself up for having a problem with anxiety? What you need to know is that you can really grown stronger as a result of this difficult experience. Anxiety can become a gift that is wrapped up in a problem. As you start to heal anxiety, you start to discover what that potential gift might be. What might that

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You heal anxiety with your heart not your head

If you know much about my work, you will know that I teach how acceptance, compassion, playfulness are qualities that heal anxiety. Have you noticed that these all are qualities traditionally associated with the heart. The reality is that: You heal anxiety with your heart not your head. Your mind can help you manage anxiety quite well. Through the sheer mental effort of changing thought patterns or employing distraction techniques, anxiety can be kept under control but not truly healed. When it comes to long-term recovery that is where your heart plays a vital role. I am not just speaking

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“I am waking up happy to live another day” -Panic Away Success Story

One of our Panic Away members has shared his success story with us. Blake was suffering from OCD, hypochondria, anxiety and panic attacks and it affected his happiness, relationships and enjoyment of life. Through the Panic Away program he is now enjoying his anxiety-free life! Blake’s OCD is almost gone after only two weeks and his general anxiety levels have completely reduced! Continue reading if you would like to know more about this fantastic success story: Hello Barry. I wanted to give you a huge thank you, and share my success story with you! My story began two years ago

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Letting go of sensations that scare you

Panic attacks, fear, anxiety, stress,

Most people with anxiety have a bodily sensations or two that unnerves them. In my experience the most common one by far is related to the heart and the fear that it will beat too fast triggering a heart attack. It’s perfectly understandable to have this fear. During a panic attack for example, your heart can pound like an African drum up into your throat and down into your stomach. That kind of beating is fine in the gym or watching a scary movie but pretty unnerving if you are just doing the shopping. People imagine all kinds of scenarios

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You don’t have to love your anxiety. You just have to permit it.

We lead complicated lives so we expect solutions to our problems to be complicated too. You can spend thousands of dollars on elaborate therapies to end anxiety and still get nowhere. Then years later you stumble across something that just seems to be too ‘simplistic’, yet it gets real results. That’s what I see all the time when I am teaching people to end panic attacks and general anxiety. Our mind tricks us into believing that we have to spend a lot of money to get great help and that if the answer is complex it must be better than

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Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks while shopping, driving or at work?