Dr Harry Barry on Panic Attacks and General Anxiety

“You have my word as a doctor -this adrenaline rush will not kill you”. Dr Harry Barry on panic attacks

Dr Harry Barry is a medical doctor with a particular interest in mental health and has extensive experience of dealing with issues like anxiety and depression.

He is also the author of three best selling books and I have wanted to interview him for some time now after I discovered how much his work aligns with my own approach in Panic Away.

In this short interview Dr Barry explains:


  • What exactly happens during a panic attack
  • Why panic attacks are in no way dangerous.
  • Why we need to normalize anxiety.
  • Why be believes therapy is better than medication for treating anxiety.

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Dr. Harry Barry is a medical doctor based in Drogheda, Ireland. He is a Director of AWARE, the depression support organization. He is also author of three books

‘Flagging the Therapy – pathways out of depression and anxiety’
‘Flagging Stress – toxic stress and how to avoid it’
‘Flagging the Problem – a new approach to mental health’

All books are available from www.libertiespress.com or Amazon.com


  • Deron Reply

    A great help. So good to know your not alone. This information is extremely valuable and I want to thank you. God bless!

  • Brad Earl Reply

    I forget that everyone suffers from this condition. What is hard is trying to pinpoint when I went wrong with my emotional mind. I know that everything seems out of sorts when I have a number of stressors. What can be done about unemployment these days. That seems to be a big one. To me the problem is remaining in a rational mind set when under new employment or under stress to preform. In those situations I find that people that I work with can sense the lack of concentration.

  • [email protected] Reply

    I have suffered from anxiety for years and when I get an adrenaline rush I always remind myself it’s just my bodies adrenaline and it will not hurt me ever. Once you understand what is happening inside your body then you can learn to accept it and let go of the fear.

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