Full Testimonial Disclosure

Full Testimonial and Typical Results Disclosure Statement

The FTC and other similar bodies are introducing new rules about the use of testimonials. Google also requires a formal disclosure to be displayed as they serve ads leading to our site.

We believe this move is correct and it is important that all sites adhere to such policy enforcements as it makes the internet a more reliable and trustworthy source of information for all users.

Greater transparency is required of all websites, especially those who do business online. We take pride in our product and services and want to ensure a good customer experience for everyone. Taking all this into account we believe it is important for you to understand the following before deciding whether you want to purchase anything from us.

We openly state that when we get emails reporting a dramatic improvement in anxiety because of our program (and yes we do get a lot, as you can judge from the success stories section), we ask for permission to use them and post them on the site… Whereas when we receive complaints and reports of no improvement , we do not ask for permission and do not post those emails on the site.

Not a big surprise really.

But going forward because of new regulations we can’t just quote the successful Panic Away testimonials — we have to disclose what the “average” or typical result is.

Stating the typical result is not that easy as results depend on whether people actually use the program material as recommended and implement the techniques for on a regular basis. In addition, anxiety is a very subjective experience and people suffer from it to varying degrees. Anxiety also encompasses a broad spectrum of experience such as panic disorder, G.A.D, P.T.S.D, social anxiety and O.C.D.

We would never claim Panic Away or its related services to be a magic pill. The individual using the program must make a diligent effort or results will not be obtained. And even if you do follow the program as instructed, there is a chance you will see little or no benefit.

There is also the issue of time. Some people report no improvements initially but come back a year later to tell us that they later saw a marked improvement over time. Others sometimes report that their initial success was followed by a setback and they are back to square one. We can sometimes get such people back on course again …and sometimes not.

So for a ‘typical result’ the best we can is share the results of a survey that we ran in our private members forum. (The forum is for people who have purchased and are using the program.)

May of 2011, in which 467 forum members were asked:

“How much has Panic Away helped you?”

There were 107 respondents with the following results:

Not helped (2 votes [1.87%]
Helped a little (7 votes [6.54%]
Helped somewhat (17 votes [15.89%]
Helped a lot (42 votes [39.25%]
Helped extremely (39 votes [36.45%]

So 76% of people said it helped a lot, to helped extremely. In our opinion that is a very high result. But the bottom line is that your success using this program is dependent on many factors. Even though the program has been carefully designed to help address as many factors as possible concerning anxiety problems, we cannot guarantee that it will help you. We can only guarantee your full satisfaction with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks while shopping, driving or at work?