I remember also wondering if people did really get better, or was this just a lie?

A Panic Away member visited the forum again after a long time of being absent. In 2012, she  described herself as a  ‘wreck’, someone who was ‘afraid of her own shadow’. It’s 2014, and the reason she has not been on the forum is because she has been busy enjoying life and experiencing new things. I hope reading stories such as this will give some of you hope and encouragement. Know that you do not have to live your life as a ‘wreck’ any longer. 

‘Just dropping in to say hello. For those of you who don’t know me, I was a wreck back in March 2012. I changed from a confident person to being afraid of my own shadow overnight. I think you could safely say I feared everything. I wasn’t really plagued by panic attacks as once I’d done the 21 second count down once, I knew there was nothing to be afraid of. The places my brain took me though, is another story altogether and I think I had about every anxious thought you could have and if I didn’t already have it, I soon added it to my endless list of ‘what ifs’ when reading about other people’s thoughts!

This forum came along just at the right time for me and I cannot thank Panic Away and the Forum enough for giving me the support I needed to stop, take check of myself and learn to retrain my brain. First and foremost, just give up the fight! Don’t expect anxiety to just up and go. There is a process which has to be followed where you learn to live along side anxiety and make a friendship with it. I can remember being attached to the forum with people like Choose and Mary, GI Jim, Todd and a couple of other people encouraging me at all times  and I couldn’t imagine ever being one of those people who suddenly popped up and said ‘Hi, I’ve not been on the forum for a while because I’ve been busy leading my life’.  Well, today that is just exactly what has happened. I will never, ever forget just how wretched I felt in March 2012 and the journey I took to become just ‘me’ again. Not ‘me with anxiety’ or me ‘slowly recovering from anxiety’ just plain and simply ‘me’.  Anxiety is in all of us and every now and again I might get that warm glow or that fleeting thought, which I recognise, and I just say ‘I’m fine, thanks, nothing to worry about here’.

I remember also wondering if people did really get better,  or was this just a lie. Well, it is true. You do get better, you do live your life with a strength you didn’t have before.  For those of you who don’t know me, and think that I probably can’t have been that bad, back track through my posts and you’ll see the journey I have taken.

I pop back here to see if there is anyone I can help, because I know just how lonely and terribly frightening anxiety can feel.  To everyone, just hang in there and believe in yourself. Make friends with anxiety and go forth together. Much love to you all.  Mrs Txxx



  • Lesley Reply

    All of this is helpful but in my experience,not curative for everyone.I have had Panic Attacks etc for over 30 years.Have bought lots of programs and wasted a lot of money.Some people have poor Serotonin and Dopamine uptake in their brains and need medication and that is what stopped my attacks and helped me live a more normal life.

  • akilah Reply

    Hi, I am presently working through my anxiety. I find that each day I wake up, I feel a new sense of hope that I will be completely healed. I go to bed now without fear and sleep peacefully throughout the night. I am not afraid of fear anymore. I thank God for giving me peace of mind. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • John Reply

    Hi there well I find all this very good thank god I’m better. I found another good help. I went to you tube on found good very good videos. How to live in gods presence. Play it at night. It really helped me. There are a number of videos there God bless. John

  • Renee Reply

    Hello , thank you so much for sharing your story . I myself would love to hear more on how you made friends with your anxiety . I sit and wonder everyday if I will get better and overcome the anxiety . I want to overcome the anxiety and Any help or suggestions I would appreciate more than ever . Thank you and look forward to hearing from you !

  • Mark Liddell Reply

    Like Lisa I would love to hear more about how you befriended anxiety. I am at my wits end at the moment. I anxious thoughts are keeping me up most nights. I get nervous twitches in bed thinking anxious thoughts. Im over it.

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