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A Kids Guide to Overcoming Worry & Anxiety (made simple)

Catching Panic and Anxiety at the Early Stages: Preventitive and Proactive Steps for Your Children





Catching Panic and Anxiety at the Early Stages:

Preventitive and Proactive Steps for Your Children


I recently heard a story where a mom described the difference between how she herself experienced anxious sensations and how her 7 year old daughter experienced them. They were quite different indeed.



While the mom had been taught to label anxious sensations as fearful- like her 

racing heart or dizzy head--her 7 year old daughter

on the other hand, when experiencing those same sensations simply described

 the sensations without attaching the label 'fear' to them. The 7 year old made no connection

 between the sensations and fear. As it should be.  Scientific research shows your body is in

 no danger from an anxiety or panic attack. None at all. It just feels that way.


The 1 Thing You Need to do for Your Anxious Child


Good Morning and Happy New Year,
Its been a wonderful and busy holiday season which is why you haven't read any new blogs from me. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday with your kiddo's as much as we did. 
My blog today has been written by my co-author, Barry McDonagh. It is a most wonderful blog. When helping our children learn about and overcome anxiety it is important to truly understand the amount of courage and bravery it takes to face one's real fears. Maybe you do not suffer from anxiety or panic but surely there are some fears you too have yet to overcome.


Find out the one thing you need to do for your anxious child.


What to do When Your Child is Afraid of Santa?



So Halloween may have been a bust.


Maybe your little Nate or Natalie refused to go near

any person dressed in costume and shrieked in

fear while browsing Walmart’s Halloween isle.


Maybe you forced your child to engage thinking you

were doing the right thing. Or maybe you told them,

“There’s nothing to be afraid of” or “Don’t be such a baby”.


But now you know better. Probably no permanent damage there parents.

And now..you have a second chance to get it right.


Here are some things you can do that will be healthy and productive

for your child who is afraid of Santa according to, What to Expect (2014)


Extracurricular Activities and Child Anxiety

Extracurricular Activities and Child Anxiety


These days if your kid is not in three sports and playing

at least one instrument with a school tutor to boot—you stink as a parent

and your kids are supposedly lacking. Ironic isn’t is that in this day and

age we also have more stressed out, anxious and depressed kids.


Think about that—