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Help Your Child With His/Her Anxiety by Doing This

We all know that it is important to have a good base from which to set off and explore life in order to confidently develop healthy future relationships. Developing trust early on is vital to healthy relationship. Trusting in your caregivers to feed you, keep you warm and safe are the beginnings of viewing a world through a healthy perspective. Years ago I set out to study Maternal and Paternal Sensitivity and It's Effect On Attachment for my graduate thesis. My findings concluded with significance that in fact learning to trust ones parents/caregivers early on significantly impacted later relationships in life. I won’t bore you with the details but in a nutshell a secure base as coined by the famous Psychologist, John Bowlby is vital for developing secure attachments later in life which ultimately help to serve as your buffers when life gets tough. Why do you need to know this? What is a buffer and why does my child need it to help with his/her anxiety?

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