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A Kids Guide to Overcoming Worry & Anxiety (made simple)

Why Anxious Kids Need to Take Risk (and why helicopter parents need to let them!)


Maybe your daughter gets a little nervous just before school.


Or your son backs out of joining soccer.



They have always been a little nervous around doing new things.


Maybe they are sensitive to tags on their shirt, very bright light


and never slept past 6:00 AM. Meanwhile, your friend’s kiddos are social


butterflies and sleep in long enough to allow them to have their morning coffee.



So what, right?





They are sensitive. And that’s a beautiful thing.


It just makes you worry…. A little. Unsure if they will handle life’s complexities.


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Anxiety: Is My Kid Going To Be OK?


Anxiety: Is my kid going to be OK?


When something is wrong with your kid— your world stops.


It just does.


Anxiety can stop a kid’s world right in its tracks.


People can tell you it’s fine and not to worry about it—that it’s just a phase –but it’s YOUR kid and YOU know there is something wrong—and it’s NOT okay— and it’s NOT just a phase.

You haven’t shared with them that this has been going on for a while.


You have not shared with them all the dirty details of how anxiety has been torturing not just your kid but the whole family--because if you talk about it— then it somehow becomes more

real. The school knows though. Their teachers know too-- and the other kids are starting to realize your kid is not like the rest of them. They are a little different. And that scares the heck out of you.


Getting them to school is a nightmare. You never know what’s coming next. They won’t join a sport’s team or if they do they won’t always go to practice or a game. Their world is becoming smaller and smaller. And your becoming very afraid that there is something seriously wrong with your kid.


You think you may get fired if you have to leave work one more time to pick them up from school again. If that phone rings one more time? Your out of options and excuses.


You get calls at least three times a week from the principal. At first the calls were kind and caring— now they just want them “picked up” because they are disturbing the school. You’re scared because you know you have to do something but you don’t know what.


You’re sad, scared, frustrated and angry that no one can or has helped you.


You’ve talked to their pediatrician— maybe even gotten a referral to a child psychologist but that’s a big step. You’re not there yet.


You wonder if maybe your mother is right, maybe it is just a phase. After all, they were fine for an entire week straight. No phone calls from the school and the lunchbox came home empty! They even came home talking about this new friend they made. Things are looking up. You hope that maybe it will pass. But deep inside you’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop and have it start all over again.


You tried to figure out what was different that one glorious week where you got no phone calls from the school and their lunch box came home empty. That one week you felt normal— your shoulders finally relaxed. You thought maybe she’s fine now—that it WAS just a phase—but then your phone rings—your gut sinks—and deep inside you know you have to do something. You’re just not sure what.


You are not alone. Many parents are experiencing the same thing. Yes, it's true. I get calls all the time.  They are just not talking openly about it hoping they will find an answer or it will pass before it becomes real. And that’s OK.


So what do you do?


First of course be sure to have your child seen by their doctor to rule out any physical issues that could be causing the anxious symptoms. If they check out and your doctor agrees that it is simply anxiety not caused by any physical concerns keep reading.


There are two ways of treating anxiety but it all depends on the type of anxiety.

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What People Say About Scaredies Away!

I could go on and on (and I have!) about how great Scaredies Away is for helping children and their parents to overcome debilitating worry and anxiety but instead I'll let the experts share their opinions and experiences!




Professional Reviews and Testimonials




This illustrated kids' book will help young ones handle their panic. The simple steps for identifying, acknowledging and releasing fear offer a useful method for helping younger children move past panic into a place of confidence; high-quality, vibrant illustrations provide an appealing mix of wide-eyed energy and bobble-headed attitude; colorful cartoon characters in a tidy five-step program for anxious pre-adolescents' anxiety can be transformed into a sense of personal power. –Kirkus Review


'This wonderful book is a must for all parents to help their children to normalize the symptoms of anxiety. What a gift to give to our children.'


-Dr. Harry Barry, MD, author and mental health advocate




"I like the simplicity of the technique and its portability. You can pretty much do it anywhere for a wide range of anxiety. One child told me that she quietly made a fist under her desk at school and did this technique and was able to inconspicuously calm herself. The books will obviously provide a more detailed explanation of this technique" –Dr. Plimpton


"I purchased this book because genetically, for centuries, my biological family has dealt with severe anxiety. I wanted this DNA issue to be understood and handled properly. For myself, my children and my grandchildren I knew there just had to be a solution! This book teaches us all, no matter the age, how to easily handle those scardy feelings we have without allowing them to control our lives and stop us from living our lives to the fullest! I give this wonderful book 5 stars! A+! Very entertaining, well written, educational and enlightening! It has now become my 4 year old Grandson's favorite book! He used to be so scared of the dark and to sleep in his own room, but now he takes the book to bed with him to remind himself that he is in control over those old scary feelings. Now he is happy and feels like a super hero! Excellent indeed!- Michelle Anne Cox-Lomas, Ph.D-Review Maven 

"We have read Scaredies Away as a bedtime story several times and my son, who is usually happy to let his sister do the bedtime story choosing, has requested it many more times." - Bury Family Life- The Family magazine for Bury, Lancashire UK

Beautifully illustrated Scaredies Away! is an important book dealing with childhood anxiety...I was fascinated with the simplicity of the presentation and it's easy to comprehend techniques...This will serve as a reference or a guide for me...Scaredies Away! is a must have book in our bookshelves." -A Timeline of Destiny Blog Review 

"Children get scared. And if their fears are not coped with in childhood, they follow them into adulthood and affect relationships, professionally and personally. I have worked with Barry's Panic Away program for some years and recommend it to individuals who needed additional assistance. I am grateful for this additional tool to have to share with global families on dealing with panic, fear and anxiety." - Judy Helm Wright, Author and Parent Educator 

"The back of the book has very helpful tips and insights for parents to better understand anxiety which I think is awesome. I really, we really liked this book and would recommend it to any parent who is looking for a way to help their child cope with worry and anxiety." - -makemommygosomethingsomething Blog Review 

"If only my parents had known what to do about my fears back then, I wouldn't have suffered for over 40 years. Scaredies Away! is a great place for parents to start. And kids will love the characters, colors and art. I loved that the older, popular boy said he had been scared too- letting the child know he is not alone." - Poly Meyers- Co-Founder of Break Free From Anxiety


If you have an anxious little one, Scaredies Away! by Stacy Fiorile and Barry McDonagh is a fantastic tool for dealing with any number of common children’s fears: the being in the dark, sleeping in a “big kid” bed, swimming, going on rides, or trying something new.


As Jack learns to conquer his fear of Big Red, the biggest, scariest roller coaster, the authors teach the Magic Fingers Countdown method, applicable in any fear-laden situation.

While providing a valuable tool for families with the countdown, the story is also reassuring, emphasizing that it is natural to feel scared sometimes.

--Everyday Parent Blog


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