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Extracurricular Activities and Child Anxiety


These days if your kid is not in three sports and playing

at least one instrument with a school tutor to boot—you stink as a parent

and your kids are supposedly lacking. Ironic isn’t is that in this day and

age we also have more stressed out, anxious and depressed kids.


Think about that—



Be mindful of the pressures we are placing on our young little kiddos.

Stress is good in many ways as it keeps us on our toes, challenged and

helps us navigate through adaptation many times  giving us opportunity

to use our higher lever thinking skills which prepare us for the ‘real world’.

However, as adults we all know what too much stress can do to our body, mind

and spirit in the ‘real world’.


Be mindful and present when observing your children. Do they seem their

usual selves? Or are they particularly happy or sad. What is going on right

 now in their lives that seem to be working or not working for them?

If you notice a change in behavior, increased nightmares, change in appetite

or maybe they are not enjoying some of the activities they used to –pay

attention to ‘what has changed’. 


Make adjustments to their schedule ----lighten it up a bit.


Kids need downtime.


Everyone complains these days that kids game too much. Personally I find

 it’s a good way for children to ‘chill’ literally in their own ‘worlds’. This is there

 downtime. I am not saying to eliminate time limits on games and such, but on

days where they seem especially stressed---increase the time limit---let them be---

let them have the downtime they need to recharge.


You will find that when you give kids the freedom to choose their own activities

 they are happier. Forcing kids to be in activities they do not want to be in just

 so you can put it on their college application in 10 years is no good for anyone.

 By the time you get to the college step they may be burnt out already.


How about instead of all these extracurricular activities that keep our kids going

and going and going like the energizer bunny ---we put on our kids college

application---‘I was a kid’. Let them naturally pick and choose those things

 they are interested in. It is the things that are done with passion and spirit that we

become good at. Give them a chance to figure it out—on their own by making their

own choices as to what activities they are interested in.


Our generation of children was not jammed up with 10 activities in a week and

 it worked for us, right?  It’s where we found ourselves-- in doing nothing on

those lazy summer days.


Downtime- completely under rated. Highly recommended.


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