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Good Morning and Happy New Year,
Its been a wonderful and busy holiday season which is why you haven't read any new blogs from me. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday with your kiddo's as much as we did. 
My blog today has been written by my co-author, Barry McDonagh. It is a most wonderful blog. When helping our children learn about and overcome anxiety it is important to truly understand the amount of courage and bravery it takes to face one's real fears. Maybe you do not suffer from anxiety or panic but surely there are some fears you too have yet to overcome.


Find out the one thing you need to do for your anxious child.

The article written below by Barry, is written for you whether you experience major anxiety and panic or have just a few fears that you've learned to avoid.
I would love to hear from you.
What are your fears?
More importantly--Are you ready to take the steps to overcome your fear? I cannot think of any better way to role model for your children then overcoming a fear yourself.
Show them it can be done.
Show them how to gain their freedom back as well. They will know that you really do understand their fear when they see you overcoming yours. If you can do it, they will think--'well why can't I'!
Push Outside Your Safe Zone
by Barry McDonagh


“A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for.”
-William Shedd



I want you to really challenge yourself to bravely step outside of your safe zone. That is where the real learning and progress happens.


Every anxious person has a safe zone they feel comfortable in.

That safe zone may be familiar environments like their home, their neighborhood or can be anywhere that they are with a support person who understands and helps them.


Safe zones are really comfort zones we mentally create to help feel reassured that everything is manageable. The problem is that that are a self-imposed prison.


Because comfort is found there, it’s where the person tends to spend more and more time.

The problem with anxiety is that it tends to encroach in on everything until eventually the safe zone becomes just the four walls of a person’s home (agoraphobia).


The safe zone is a myth. In reality there’s no such thing as a safe zone from anxiety.

As there’s nothing life-threatening about a panic attack you are not in anymore danger sitting at home as you are sitting out under the stars in the outback of Australia.

Of course, your mind immediately rushes to tell you that the outback of Australia is a ridiculous place to be because there are no hospitals, no tranquilizers, no doctors, NO SAFETY!!!


Review your previous experiences of anxiety and panic attacks. Aren’t you still here, alive and well, after all those attacks during which you were convinced you were going to die?


You may have, on occasion, been driven to the hospital, where they did medicate you to calm you down—but do you really believe that you wouldn’t have survived were it not for the drugs?

You would have. If the same bout of anxiety had occurred in the middle of nowhere all alone, it would have passed as well.

Yes, when it comes to conditions that need medical attention—such as asthma, diabetes, and a whole litany of other conditions—then having medical aid nearby is a big asset.

But no doctor in the world would tell someone with anxiety that there are only specific safe zones in which he or she can move.   


So I want you to now really push outside your safe zone.

Cross that red line in your mind and go for it.

I want you to dig really deep and push out like you have never done before.

It is never enough to just read what you need to do, you have to experience it.
Real growth and learning happens when we challenge ourselves, feel the anxiety and push beyond our comfort levels.

As Susan Jeffers wrote we have "feel the fear and do it anyway"


Are you willing to feel the fear today?


I know more than anyone how terrifying it can feel to move out of your safe zone.

Understand that the anticipation of doing it, is always much worse than the event itself. Keep pushing through your fear. You have what it takes to do this.

I know you are strong enough.


If you keep pushing out the illusion of a safe zone will suddenly evaporate.

You will start to feel really safe and secure within yourself no matter where you are, be it out in the wilderness or in a crowded place or even flying over the Atlantic.

That freedom comes from pushing through any setback and never giving up.


Keep pushing through!

Plant your flag outside your safe zone.


By the way, when you push outside your safe zone do not expect to enjoy it.

In the early days it will just feel uncomfortable as you will be so focused on the challenge but as you continue to practice you will eventually start to enjoy doing it.


Take a moment now and make the decision to do this. Is there anything more important you could be working towards?

You are fighting to win back your very freedom.





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