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A Kids Guide to Overcoming Worry & Anxiety (made simple)

Kids, Anxiety & Imagination

Kids, Anxiety and Imagination

One thing is for sure. Kids with anxiety often have great imaginations.

That's what often gets them in trouble with anxiety. They have these incredible storylines that go on and on.

What if this.
What if that.
On and on

However imagination can work for them as well. Just as their imagination can lead them to worry, it can lead them out of worry too.

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The Joy Test

The Joy Test

For those of you with anxious kids I challenge you to a test .

Furthermore, I encourage you to report the results to me

so we can share words of encouragement with other parents.

Okay so for one week straight I want you to go above and beyond

to make your kids happy. Give them extra treats (healthy ones too!) 

Have extra play-dates. Take them somewhere special just

for them. Maybe to a movie of their choice.

Play a game of tag in the yard with them. Bike with them.

Really smother them with attention and love for one week.

Watch as their anxiety levels drop.

Joy releases endorphins related to feelings of goodness.

These endorphins naturally ease anxiety.

Now obviously you will need to be the judge as to how much

you spoil him or her during the experiment and afterwards

(once you realize it actually helps).

However, you will most likely see a difference.

Maybe they resist less going to bed?

Maybe they stay in their bed all night!

Maybe they are less shy and inhibited at a family or school function?

Maybe they agree to join a sports team?

Joy and anxiety don't mix.

Now, obviously we all do our very best to make our kids happy. The idea is not to place blame

of course that you are not doing enough because if we could do any better we would of course.

After all we are parents just trying to do our very best for our children.

Go easy on yourself.


The real point of this experiment is just to establish the connection between joy and anxiety.

I want to show you this connection and I think this is a good way to do it.

Establishing more joy does not necessarily mean spending lots of money on expensive toys and

such. Children usually are joyful just to spend time with a parent. Something we all struggle with

as busy parents.

Spread the joy and spend some quality time with your child this week.

You may find it does you some good as well.

Put down the ipad, computer or iphone and pick up your child and let them know they are

the most important things in your life. It will do good for both you and your child's joy.

Please let me know how you did with this experiment. I would love to hear from you.

You can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Anxiety As A Teacher?

Anxiety As A Teacher?


Ever wonder why your anxiety creeps up unexpectedly? Maybe you had a bad experience with anxiety but then it went away. You thought wow, great, thank-god that’s over with! But then, it comes back and you are suddenly feeling all of those terrible anxious feeling and thinking those anxious thoughts all over again but you just cannot figure out why. You’re sad, confused and well…anxious which make the anxiety even worse now.

Anxiety is a bound to show its ugly face again so you may as well learn to use it to your advantage. I am going to tell you how.

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Kid's Anxiety & Thunderstorms





                           Anxiety & Thunderstorms!



Warmer weather is here and for most of us that is good news.

But warmer weather brings with it HUGE thunderstorms and

severe weather that can rock your child’s world!

I can remember as a child being terrified of the thunder and

lightning until one day my Mom or Dad, not sure which,

told me they were Angels bowling in the clouds. From then on

while I was still scared, that thought of Angels bowling did the

trick for me just enough so that I could get through the

storm without being completely horrified.

Believe it or not severe weather is one of the top 10

fears for children ages preschool-grade school. Often the

fear is further fed by scared parents. Yes, that’s right, parents.

Parents role modeling during storms can feed the child’s fear

or help keep them calm.

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