"Scaredies Away NOW ON SALE!"

A Kids Guide to Overcoming Worry & Anxiety (made simple)

A New Secret Magic Tool For Your Child's Anxiety


Children, Anxiety and a New Secret Magic Tool

Hi parents,

I am pleased announce that in just a few short days Barry McDonagh, creator of Panic Away and I will have a new secret magic tool for your children to help them put an end to debilitating anxiety.

We are getting ready to launch Scaredies Away! A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Worry and Anxiety.

We will be offering the book at a promotional price for a short time with many other fun bonuses too!

We will be offering special bonuses including:

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Teaching Children About Anxious Feelings

Brave and Fearless!


My co-author of Scaredies Away, Barry McDonagh, just wrote a really great blog on learning to apply arousal reappraisal technique which we use in cognitive behavior therapy to help one overcome anxiety.

This is a really great idea to teach kids this technique early on so I thought I would write about it as it applies to children.

When we are afraid of something-- the same sensations that frighten you are the same as those that excite you.

Like when you are on a roller coaster or you’re nervous for an interview or speaking event.  The same sweaty palms, wobbly legs and nervous tummy show up in both situations.

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Spring Free Anxiety


Happy Spring!

I don’t know about you but I am super excited for spring this year. Here in New Jersey we had one cold and snowy winter.

Spring is about coming alive once again.

It’s a great time to renew your personal goals to once and for all overcome that pesky anxiety.

Welcome spring’s arrival with a fresh new start! Pick one thing that you or your child have been avoiding due to anxiety and fear and tackle it head on.

Just one thing.

Face your fear and feel the exhilaration that comes with it! Think of the fearful sensations as something exciting. After all excitement and fear bring about similar sensations so if your body is able to handle exciting sensations it too can manage fearful ones!

Just remember anxiety and panic are not going to harm you. Trust your body to handle the sensations and stay with those sensations until they pass. Panic attacks typically only last 10 minutes. You can have repeated ones back to back but know they cannot hurt you.

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The One Thing to Teach Your Kids About Anxiety and Fear

Remember what it was like the first time you tried to ride your bike for the first time without training wheels?

The  One Thing to Teach Your Kids About Anxiety and Fear

Sweaty palms, nervous tummy maybe the thought that you just can’t do it racing through your mind?

You were scared. Maybe you felt the thrill of nervousness and excitement all at once.

But you did it anyway. Despite your nerves you did it anyway!

Exposing ourselves to the very fear that holds us hostage is the only way to break that fear cycle.

Just like when you learned to break free from the fear of riding a bike---you had to ride that bike again and again.

We need to use that same thought process to understand all fear.

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