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A Kids Guide to Overcoming Worry & Anxiety (made simple)

Parent Delivered CBT Reduces Kids’ Anxiety (2)




 “A number of studies have shown significant reductions in child anxiety when CBT interventions are delivered via parents, suggesting that a first-line treatment could be delivered via parents.”


British Journal of Psychiatry and Medscape report: 

Parent Delivered CBT Reduces Kids’ Anxiety  


“Full guided parent-delivered CBT is an effective and inexpensive first-line treatment for child anxiety.” 

(British Journal of Psychiatry, December 2013).  


The verdict is in. YOU as a parent can greatly affect your child’s anxiety. YOU, when fully guided by a trained therapist (level of therapist does not determine outcome of results according to the study) can teach your children how to overcome anxiety.


A recent study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry in December 2013 reports: “Childhood anxiety disorders are common, affecting 5-10% of children.As well as disrupting children’s social, emotional and academic development, they present a risk in later life for further psychological disturbance, such as mood disorders and substance misuse.Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is effective and has been recommended as the treatment of choice;however CBT is resource-intensive and is not accessed by many children who could benefit”. 


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Anxiety, Children and Playfulness

 Anxiety, Children and Playfulness

“What will you shine your flashlight on?” 


“Have you ever wondered why your own worries seem to dissipate when you are engaged in something you really love?”  

Maybe you are listening and singing to your favorite song without a care in the world.   

Maybe you are, immersed in a great movie or just sharing a great conversation over a lovely dinner with your family. 

I know for me personally, when I am engaged in family game night with my kids and husband I lose track of time and have not a care in the world. 

There is a reason for this. 

It is not that your worries are not still real or become unimportant. You are simply not focusing on them at that particular moment. This does not make you irresponsible. It just gives your nervous system a little vacation from your worries, which is actually quite helpful (and responsible) to you and your family.  


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Children, Separation and Performance Anxiety


Children, Separation and Performance Anxiety 

I was dressing my daughter in her Ballet slippers quietly waiting for her dance class to begin. Moms and daughters were quietly chatting amongst themselves until, Ms. Claire called the girls to class.


“I won’t go, Mommy, no I won’t go!” little Becky shouted to her mother.


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3 Natural Healers...


3 Natural Healers Necessary for Your Child’s Debilitating Anxiety-Cycle to End

The best gift you can give your child this holiday is the gift of a “chance” of freedom from anxiety. Read about the top three things your child needs before they can overcome almost any debilitating anxiety-worry cycle. Give the gift of understanding more about your child’s needs. Be that supportive parent that will stop at nothing to help their child reclaim their lives back from the constraints of debilitating anxiety. Give the gift of being a knowledgeable parent”.

Desire- Before your child can be helped they have to first want to end their anxiety. You may say, “why wouldn’t any child with anxiety want to end their anxiety?” Of course, they do, but what price are they willing to pay in order to overcome their anxiety, is the real question. 

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