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A Kids Guide to Overcoming Worry & Anxiety (made simple)

Snipity Snapity @itchity Boo!

Snipity Snapity @itchity Boo! Witches on the playground and they are only 3 foot two!

“What do you mean no one will play with you my love”!?....
(every parents nightmare)

Now she’s sad. Now you are sad. So simple but so complex.

Playground anxiety is a big deal to our little babies. Well, I know they are no longer babies by the time they are in school and on the playground but..aren’t they? Yes. They may dress themselves, feed themselves and even ride the school bus without us but they are “our” babies-- who will be there to comfort them when "no one will be my friend". My eyes well-up just thinking about it.

But, it does happen. And it happens a lot! Relax, its common during the early years for kids to feel this way. Wait it out. See how things go. Sometimes situations like these, change rather quickly-so don’t fret just yet.

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Halloween ghosts, goblins and witches

Hello Parents!

Halloween ghosts,goblins and witches are sure to excite your little ones! Now, depending on your little boy or girl, Halloween may also ignite some bedtime fears. Bedtime fears can drain a child’s confidence, disrupt a good night’s sleep and worse off breed the seed of fear. Night fears are most common in children ages 3-6 because "this is the age at which normal fears develop and a child's imagination is very active". (WebMD, 2013). Many experts would recommend comforting and reassurance. Indeed comfort and reassure your child but do this by teaching them a tool to handle scary situations even when your are not there to help them. Give them the tools to master their scary feelings. Their confidence will soar!

Scary thoughts create scary feelings. A feeling can create all kinds of sensations like trembling legs, sweaty palms, upset tummy and such. The list goes on. And to top it off-if your child is very creative and has a wonderful imagination---well, you may have a little one capable of thinking up just about anything (yikes!). The upside is that creativity has been linked to high IQ. No, kidding! You never know--you may have to work with some night time fears but you could be raising the next Einstein! (who knew!)


Friendly Witch

Whetheror not your child has a little or a lot of anxiety about sleeping in their own bed (alone!)~ from one parent to another- I have a solution for you!

The solution is a technique called the Magic Finger Countdown (MFC). But it's not magic...it's science. The MFC is steeped in Cognitive Behavioral Theory (CBT) the most widely used therapy in treating anxiety and panic in children and adults. Over the last year and a half Barry McDonagh and I have carefully reconstructed and adapted Barry's "21" (a technique rooted in CBT) in an effort to make a viable technique for children. Barry is the creator of Panic Away which has helped over 150,000 people around the world in over 32 countries. The MFC has been carefully adapted and reconstructed to meet the developmental needs of children. I can attest to the viability of the "21" both personally and professionally which is why as a mother and as a School Psychologist, I was so certain--I needed to either find or write a children's book teaching this very empowering tool, now known as the MFC.

As a School Psychologist, mother of two and previous pre-school teacher, I knew the best way to teach a child was through an entertaining, interactive and fictional book. I searched high and low for a book that would help kids in the same way the "21" helped so many adults. No book existed. All these books on anxiety for children and not one taught the kids how to overcome anxiety and panic the same way Panic Away taught adults. I was astonished! I only found books that taught old and outdated distraction and relaxations techniques that offered little or no help in helping children effectively put an end to the fear and worry cycle.

Barry and I decided to create such a book.

It's called Scaredies Away! A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Worry and Anxiety (made simple). (To be released 2014)

Scaredies Away! A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Worry and Anxiety (made simple ) is a fictional story about a boy named, Jack. Jack is afraid to sleep in his bed for fear that a zombie will get him. Jack is also afraid of riding “Big Red” –the giant enormous wooden roller coaster …when his super- cool surfer cousin teaches him- how he overcame his fear of big waves. Will Jack find the courage? Will he master the technique and overcome his fear? (I’m betting..yes)

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