Radio interview with Barry McDonagh

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Barry’s interview on Blog Talk Radio

Topics covered are

  • how to best to end panic attacks
  • why  most people are getting the wrong advice
  • how anxiety can be transformed into something positive

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  • willibrod tizora Reply

    Am enjoying your programme, it’s really encouraging to hear other people share what you feel as well. Am always waking up around 2 am, can’t really sleep up to 4 roughly. Now this is making me exhausted hence prone to enxiety. I can hear even the slightest noises and this disturb my sleep. However since following your program, the severity of attacks, is now less. Thank you.

  • Sara M Corey Reply

    all i can say is WOW, just listened to Barry’s radio interview with guest speaker Tracy and i am sitting here with tears in my eyes….i have been dealing with Anxiety, Panic disorder for many years, never knew what it was and everything until kept going to doctor after doctor even ER visits because i have been sick for years, loosing weight, bed ridden, terrified to leave my house etc….years later being told i have Anxiety-Panic disorder, i have lived my whole life with depression and some anxiety but Nothing like this, heartbeat would get so fast felt like i was having a heartattack and was going to die, had tests after tests for Thyroid, Anemia, Diabeties …you name it , i really thought i had some kind of disease etc…i had heard of Panic Away and signed up for the emails, listened to interviews from clients, always wanted to try the program but very leary because i have tried others to no avail….just listened to this interview and EVERYTHING Barry and Tracy (especially Tracy) talked about is Exactly what im going thru and more…i am tired of living in fear, actually i feel like im just Existing in life, Not living life, and i really want to try Barrys program, just trying to save the money because im a single mom, and limited income, but if this program can help me,,,get my life back, infact Save My Life,,,you cant even put a price on that…..thank you Barry for your helpful emails and now this interview….i am seriously going to order your program, i have nothing left to lose…and just to know Somebody, Anybody understands what im going thru is a Huge Sigh of relief!!! thank you Barry so much!!!

  • Rudy Rodriguez Reply

    A couple years ago, I experienced a panic attack. I was reading, relaxing in bed, and then it happened. I thought I was having a heart-attack and my wife called 9-1-1. When the paramedics came, I was better, but very anxious. For the next 6 months, I was experiencing panic attacks and general anxiety. I purchased Panic Away, and it worked! Tears came running down my face because I couldn’t believe it worked so fast. I still get GAD here and there, but nothing like before. But FINALLY I had a breakthrough. I had also taken personal development courses which helped me become aware of why I was having these panic attacks and GAD. It turns out, it was “Resentment” from my past (losing my savings, house, car, and job in a 6 month period), and just holding in my anger towards myself, “Resistance” to let go, and finally my body took “Revenge” on myself through these panic attacks. Called the 3 Rs, I discovered why Panic Away works (no Resentment or Resistance, hence no Revenge). In addition, Panic Away works with calming techniques where you hold to heart something that you are dear and grateful towards. Now for the breakthrough, I became grateful for losing my house, my car, etc. This is only possible by forgiving yourself. But once it’s done, no longer did I spend energy beating myself up everyday. I knew I forgave myself because I no longer put energy into thinking about that past. And now the GAD is gone! BTW, the personal development course I went to called PSI Seminars. This podcast helped:

  • Aaron Reply

    Awesome! Yes this has been working for me more than a year & I am happy & feel so amazing everyday!

  • Susan Reply

    Thank you, I hope to get past my GAd….

  • Machhinder Singh Reply

    Dear Barry,

    First of all I would like to thank you from bottom of my heart. I did not buy your product but I remember when I got attack and I was in desperate need of help and I got the help from your email and listening your advises and following you post, I have overcome my anxiety and love you for what you do.

    God bless you.

  • Elena Reply

    Barry, thank you so much for this talk. It is very informative and inspiring.

  • patricia Reply

    enjoyed your interview barry. unless you experience panic attacks ect family and friends have no idea how it feels,thats why its great to have someone like barry to give you all the tips on how too release yourself for the pain of all that goes with panic attacks and of course the empiety he showes on video hes being there himself,i found the book most helpfull at one point it was like a bible,im not out of the woods yet its takes time n effort to sink in as you have to change your whole mind set,you have to go from being ill to become healthy that takes effort… but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel for that i am greatful keep up the work barry thank you so much.

  • Chris Reply

    I’m sure it is a wonderful programme what Barry does but I can tell you a much less expensive way of over coming your Anxiety, just buy Dr Claire Weeks book cds and dvd, in actual fact all you need is one of her books, it can be obtained on ebay for £2 or £3’s.she is or was the worlds greatest nerve doctor, I can tell you,you only need to start reading the first page and immediately you will say to yourself this is me and you won’t be able to put the book down, I promise.

  • joel Reply

    thank you very much for this program barry you realy are GOD sent for a person like me. hope that i could avail the full program soon.

  • Susan Reply

    Thank u so much. I’m still working on it but feel this is helping.

  • okesuks Reply

    Hi Barry: How do I get your newsletters–or your official e-mails regularly?
    Answer me please. I just ordered my copy of panic away.

    Friend for life

  • Aishath Bazima Reply

    first of atall I would like to say thank you so much, I’m still keep on reading all what you send me regarding this enxiety panic attack, I’m a person who is on treatment past 13 years, still treat ment is going on from abroad, I’m a Naldivian who living in India Trivandrum for this treatment still, but still it’s bothering me like anything after started reading you mails I’m hoping to get rid of this attacks. I feel it will help me by grace. Thank you so much Barry. Best regards. Aishath

  • Aishath Nazima Reply

    Sorry Barry I’m Aishath Nazima not Bazima so for the spelling mistakes I’m sorry once again. Thanks

  • Shanne Reply

    I do appreciate all the adviced ur given me through email. I’m still working see of would help me.

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