Do International Health Organizations recommend non drug treatments for Anxiety?

Absolutely! Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to prevent or manage anxiety is recommended by health organizations not just as A form of treatment, but in most cases is the preferred first choice treatment option as well as being longer lasting than drug options. See the below references for more information

OK, I want to try Panic Away – should I stop taking my anxiety Medication? Can I Sack My Doctor?

Absolutely not. Anxiety medication is serious stuff and taking yourself off it in one go without the supervision of your doctor is not advised. The Panic Away System provides tools for helping you manage anxiety, but if you’ve been managing anxiety through medication alone, you need to seek medical advice before stopping or reducing your medication. Talk to your doctor. Tell them about the program, how its going for you, how its making you feel and listen to their advice as to whether its appropriate for you to cut down or stop taking your anxiety medication.

Why should I buy this course and not another one making similar claims?

Panic Away focus is on getting results fast. The approach is a mixture of CBT and techniques used in Logotherapy. Many other treatment courses seek to help you manage your panic or anxiety whereas Panic Away seeks to end it. It is not that you will never experience anxiety again, it is simply that you will have the tools to stop it becoming a problem.

Is this program just for panic disorder?

Panic Away helps people with a wide range of anxiety related problems from GAD to panic disorders. In our experience general anxiety takes longer to heal because it usually has been going on for some time. Regardless how your anxiety manifests you will find the approach taken in Panic Away very effective.

What if it does not work for me?

We do not want your money if you do not not get results. Not many others can say this. Our guarantee last for 8 weeks and in ten years of business we have never refused a person a refund who was within the guarantee. Even when out of the guarantee we still do our best to refund the purchase where possible.

So the Panic Away System can cure Anyone?

Behavioral Modification systems are recommended as the first option treatment for most types of anxiety. They are seen as the being the only treatment required for more than half of all cases of anxiety, and as an important aid to treatment in cases where a medical professional may also recommend medication. But there are cases where alone such a treatment can not cure anxiety.

Can Panic Away CURE every case of anxiety regardless of severity?

No – there are cases where we’ve been unable to effect a cure with Panic Away.
See for more information on treatment efficacy.
That’s why we offer the money back guarantee. We want you to try the system, we are confidant it can help almost anyone but if it can’t help any particular person who tries it?
We will refund their money, no questions asked.

Can I buy a hard copy of the course in a local store?

Yes you can ask your local book store by giving them the following ISBN number. ISBN-13: 978-0956596208. However it may take several weeks for them to get it in. (Those who buy from a book store do not get access to the members forum or bonus materials as we do not have your details on file).

Will this work on my mobile device?

Yes if you order the digital version it will load on all mobile devices such as iPad or android tablet. Is there any country you do not accept orders from?
We accept orders from all countries but please note that as we ship from Chicago in the US it may take several weeks to reach some countries. We recommend overseas buyers to purchase the digital version for that reason.

I want to order but I do not have a credit card?

We currently only accept credit card orders. In some circumstances we accept checks but please email first for details on that.

Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks while shopping, driving or at work?