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Barry McDonagh 

My name is Barry McDonagh and I have been teaching people to end their panic and anxiety for over ten years.

I have taught everyone from top CEO’s and celebrities to police officers, soldiers and 'stay at home' moms all how to end their anxiety and panic attacks fast.

Panic Away, which later went on to become an international best seller.

I started getting so many emails from people all around the world who had been suffering from  severe anxiety, telling me about amazing  transformations that were now happening in their lives because of what I shared with them.

I am not talking about mild anxiety here… I am talking about people who were dealing with anxiety and panic attacks for  maybe  20 or 30+ years.

Suddenly, they were finding their freedom again, and the approach was so simple yet none of their doctors or therapists had explained  anything like it to them before!

Well, I just couldn’t walk away at that stage. There are just far too many people that who suffer from anxiety,and these people are NOT getting the right kind of help.

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Together We Are Stronger

You know if there is one thing I have learned over the years it is that to succeed in life you need to surround yourself with the right people and the right information.

It’s just too easy to lose focus and get distracted without the right motivation and support to keep you on track.

When you have people who are supporting you and keeping you accountable, you then have a fast track to success.

You might already have supportive people in your life but I bet they still don’t really get what its like to experience anxiety like you do.

What you need is a community of people and coaches on hand week in week out to keep you focused on building a better life for yourself.

People who know exactly what it feels like to deal with anxiety YET who also know your true potential and what you need to do to move beyond your anxiety to achieve your goals.


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