Shake Off Anxiety with Two Simple Words!

Have you ever noticed how anxiety is fueled by one simple question you keep asking yourself?

That question is…what if?

What if I drive my car on the highway and I have a panic attack?
What if faint in public, who will help me?
What if I get sick or lose my job?
What if my mind never stops racing with anxious thoughts?

If anxious ‘what if’s’ are not quickly defused, they tend to spiral out of control, leaping from one catastrophic thought to another. Before you know it these ‘what ifs’ have triggered a tidal wave of adrenaline and fear.

What if?…What if?…And then what if ?

You can’t stop these ‘what if’s’. They manifest outside your control.  What you can control is how you respond to them.

In order to defuse these anxious ‘what ifs’ you need to answer the question quickly and limit the potential for the anxiety to spiral out of control.

A good strong response to a ‘what if’ is: ‘So what!’

What if I drive my car on the highway and I have a panic attack?
So what! I’ll pull over and get through it like I have always done in the past.

What if faint in public, who will help me?
So what! If I faint I faint. Someone will come to help me and in two minutes I will be conscious again.

What if my mind never stops racing with thoughts?
So what! Thoughts are just thoughts and cannot harm me. Eventually my anxious mind will settle.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t fully believe in your own responses to these questions, the key point here is to quickly defuse the build up of fear by answering the ‘what if’ with a strong enough response.

As long as you come up with something reassuring and dismissive of the initial ‘what if’ thought it will have the desired effect.

To make your response even more effective you can have a sense of humor with your replies. Humor is the fastest way to disengage your anxious mind. An anxious thought can be diminished in a flash of laughter.

This is effective because it neutralize the fear and places you back into a position of power.

Side step the trap of anxiety by always responding to fear and anxiety with a good strong ‘so what!


Play Anxiety Away

Play and laughter are such powerful tools for reducing feelings of anxiety.

I am a huge advocate of using humor and play to boost mood and reduce
anxious feelings. I know many people who transformed their anxiety
just by doing focusing on play and laughter alone.

I recently recorded an interview with Charlie Hoehn who is a marketing
strategist for several New York Times best-sellers , and the author of
a new book called ‘Play it Away’.

I really liked his book because its basic premise is how to use play
to snap out of an anxious state of mind.

BTW, if you suffer from burnout at work I think you will find this
interview particularly interesting.

Besides Play the other topics discussed for reducing anxiety are:

-Tension Releasing Exercises.
-Why you should stop watching the news.
-Removing Coffee
-Spending time outside in nature

Click the Play Button Below

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Download Charlies Interview, right click and save as

Download Audio


Finding Meaning in your Life

I have spoken before about the need to find meaning in your anxiety in order to help you transcend it with greater ease. But what about finding meaning in your life? Do you live a meaningful life?

I want to share a short interview I recorded with a man who I believe is the best in his field at helping people find real meaning (and as a result happiness) in their life.

Philip McKernan is the guru you have never heard of yet he coaches some of the wealthiest and most successful people around today.

I was able to get a short interview with him and I think you will get a lot from it.

On this call Philip talks about:

  • finding real meaning in your life.
  • the importance of listening to you intuitive self
  • the importance of authentic goal setting

Listen to the interview below

Philips latest book Rich on Paper Poor on Life can be found here www.richonpaperbook.com

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Download Peters Interview, right click and save as

Download Audio


Radio interview with Barry McDonagh

Barry’s interview on Blog Talk Radio

Topics covered are

  • how to best to end panic attacks
  • why  most people are getting the wrong advice
  • how anxiety can be transformed into something positive


My Panic Attack in a Public Place

We have talked many times about the art of acceptance and how if you truly accept your anxiety, you will no longer suffer. One of the most effective ways to lower your anxiety is to increase your acceptance of the sensations you feel. The more acceptance you have of your anxiety, the faster your recovery. Everyone has different methods in how they learn to accept. Continue reading to find out how John accepted his anxiety symptoms in a public place: 

‘Last Week My Wife And I Were At A Comedy Show, Everyone Is Obviously Laughing Having A Good Time. While I Noticed A Tense Feeling Creeping In. I Really Couldn’t Concentrate On What Was Being Said, Kind Of Like The Volume Was Turned Down. What I Did Next Has Taken Some Practice, And It’s Not Coping. I Call It “Letting Go”. I Recognized It Was Anxiety, I Told Myself I Have Been Through This A Million Times, The Choice Is Mine. Do I Want This To Escalate Or Do I Want To Have A Good Time. And I Actually Answer Myself In My Head. “A Good Time”. Then Let It Go! I Do This By Imagining  The Stress Draining From The Top Of My Head All The Way Down To My Feet, Like I Pulled The Plug In A Drain. One Way I Practice This Is By When IM Not Anxious I Visualize Relaxing Every  Muscle, One At A Time From Top To Bottom. With A Lot Of Practice I Am Able To Do This Now In A Few Seconds. I Literally Feel A Warm Rush When I Do It Now. Then I Feel A Second Warm Rush Of CalmA Few Seconds After I Get Back To What I Was Doing. This Way, IM Not Avoiding Any Of The Sensations, Rather Just Letting Them Go. If I Try To Cope And Make Them Go Away, They Get More Intense For Me. This Way I Feel That I Took Them Head On, And I Gives Me A Good feeling Not A Feeling Like “When Are They Going To Come Back?”. I Hope This Helps. I Does Take Some.Practice But It Starts Working Instantly! Even From The First Try. Good Luck, You Can Do This!


It is evident that John has been practicing the Panic Away techniques. Similar to the 21-7 countdown, John has decided to take matters into his own hands, gain control over his anxiety and let it go. He is not ignoring the sensations and urging them to go away. Instead he is accepting the sensations, focusing on every detail in his body and allowing the symptoms to fade away. Thanks for sharing this John!