Play Anxiety Away

Play and laughter are such powerful tools for reducing feelings of anxiety.

I am a huge advocate of using humor and play to boost mood and reduce anxious feelings. I know many people who transformed their anxiety
just by doing focusing on play and laughter alone.

I recently recorded an interview with Charlie Hoehn who is a marketing strategist for several New York Times best-sellers , and the author of a new book called ‘Play it Away’.

I really liked his book because its basic premise is how to use play to snap out of an anxious state of mind.

BTW, if you suffer from burnout at work I think you will find this interview particularly interesting.

Besides Play the other topics discussed for reducing anxiety are:

-Tension Releasing Exercises.
-Why you should stop watching the news.
-Removing Coffee
-Spending time outside in nature

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  • Sonia Richards Reply

    I think he was good but it seemed a little too long…Shorter story would have been better for me. I am retired so I don’t have burnout so some of this really didn’t relate to me…Thanks, however for all you do to help all of us.

  • Dan Reply

    I understand what you mean when you suggest to stop watching the news. It is sooooooooooo depressing! I wake up in the morning and read the news online before I head off to work. By the time I have finished reading the daily fair of war, murder, rape, greed and crime, I already want to go back to bed and start the day all over again!!!! Grrrrrrrr hahahahaha

  • sandy Reply

    Great interview! Really enjoyed the practicality of the suggestions. I too have tried many things too overcome general anxiety with limited results. Will definitely get the book and try it out.

  • Moreno Reply

    Thanks for sharing, Barry 🙂

    Great interview. Had fun.

  • MOLLY Reply

    I enjoyed the interview. I could relate to viewing the world as a prison part. I am also beginning play more and it is helping me a lot.

  • Molly Reply

    Great interview; thanks

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