Play Anxiety Away

Play and laughter are such powerful tools for reducing feelings of anxiety.

I am a huge advocate of using humor and play to boost mood and reduce anxious feelings. I know many people who transformed their anxiety
just by doing focusing on play and laughter alone.

I recently recorded an interview with Charlie Hoehn who is a marketing strategist for several New York Times best-sellers , and the author of a new book called ‘Play it Away’.

I really liked his book because its basic premise is how to use play to snap out of an anxious state of mind.

BTW, if you suffer from burnout at work I think you will find this interview particularly interesting.

Besides Play the other topics discussed for reducing anxiety are:

-Tension Releasing Exercises.
-Why you should stop watching the news.
-Removing Coffee
-Spending time outside in nature

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  • Sonia Richards Reply

    I think he was good but it seemed a little too long…Shorter story would have been better for me. I am retired so I don’t have burnout so some of this really didn’t relate to me…Thanks, however for all you do to help all of us.

  • Dan Reply

    I understand what you mean when you suggest to stop watching the news. It is sooooooooooo depressing! I wake up in the morning and read the news online before I head off to work. By the time I have finished reading the daily fair of war, murder, rape, greed and crime, I already want to go back to bed and start the day all over again!!!! Grrrrrrrr hahahahaha

  • sandy Reply

    Great interview! Really enjoyed the practicality of the suggestions. I too have tried many things too overcome general anxiety with limited results. Will definitely get the book and try it out.

  • Moreno Reply

    Thanks for sharing, Barry 🙂

    Great interview. Had fun.

  • MOLLY Reply

    I enjoyed the interview. I could relate to viewing the world as a prison part. I am also beginning play more and it is helping me a lot.

  • Molly Reply

    Great interview; thanks

  • Evelyn Reply

    Wonderful interview, so very helpful. Many thanks for this and your website, blog. What you say about the news/Face Book, is so very true. I had to give up Face Book and feel so much better, and now I need to ditch Yahoo news. I am just newly diagnosed with Anxiety/panic attacks (63 years ancient), so it has been around a long time for me. You truly are a life saver/life changer. I look forward to more interviews please, and many thanks.

  • puneeth Reply

    it was really helpful. thanks barry !!

  • puneeth Reply

    hi barry,

    thanks for sharing ….

  • Jamie Reply

    My attacks are like little ticks. Sometimes in the morning. But, sometime during the day. But, really I’m not having then as much. I’m just wanting to just not feel them at all…. But, really Barry thank you

  • Megan Reply

    also caffeine causes panic. so when it says remove coffee it means lay off the caffeine. I know what its like to get anxiety.

  • Glenda Reply

    I really got a lot out of interview ,found it honest and encouraging as I have hid my anxiety from people close to me and never wanted to admit it to myself as if admitting it gave it more power ,I now realise there is a way out of it .

  • Loretta Reply

    Just realized the last comment before me was in 2014!

  • ophelia Reply

    thanks so much I read panicaway healed stories . It gave me hope .

  • VenKeeYau Reply

    Thank you so much, as your support as you kept on sending all the information & ways to helping me to get over my anxiety….

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